Thursday, February 27, 2014

One In A Million

His eyes sparkled when he first met me.
Never thought I would feel the way I would but I did.
Resistance is just mere cover-ups for more longings.

He came like that gush of wind.
Sweeping me off my feet.
And always as gently sweeping my hair.
Seeping into my every inch possible.
Exploring my eyes like there's no end.

The day where fate between us is strong enough.
He held my hand tight.
Drove me slowly in his car.
He sang me love songs.
He blows me kisses.
He hugs me securely.
He has little chats with me.
He said his woman has to be happy.
And he would never let her cry.

He pampers me all day.
He showed me how romanticist can be accepting.
He promised me, that he would never leave my side.
No matter what may happen.
He said I'm his one in a million.
Once in his lifetime.
Loving me til forever.

Love and fate.
Seems so kind yet so cruel.
Which path should I take?
I felt so over the moon that I don't wanna leave.
I don't wanna come crashing down.
He gave me wings, smiles, butterflies, love.
I don't want to tear them apart.
At least not now.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I've Missed You Mr V.

After so long, I found my blog again.
I've wanted to write something about Mr V,
to get things off my chest a little.

Honestly I've missed Mr V.
As long as I am back at home,
it will be where I am back to my past.

As long as I set foot in the office,
I dwell in our past.
Our long, tiring, complicated, neverending past.

The wrong path in past that we took.
Causing terrible amount of pain.
Yet so heart-achingly yearning for each other still.
Til today..

Mr V,
I've missed you.
And I'm sure you do too.

I hope we both can continue different paths,
like how we do so well now.